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February 7th, 2019


Save the date for one of the most fun events at Andrews!



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The Multicultural Night is Andrews's way of celebrating the beauty and the culture of each country represented in the Andrews Elementary Community. It is truly one of the most enjoyable events at Andrews!


Every year we ask Andrews’s families to join in as we learn about the different cultures and countries represented at our school; wherever your family is from and whatever your traditions are, we all want to learn from you as we celebrate our diversity!

On Thursday, February 7th, 2019, our school will be transformed into a Multicultural Festival including a World Food Sampling Area, the flag Parade, Cultural Booths, and much more. Please join us whether or not you are hosting a table; you can do any, all, or none, but plan to celebrate with us.


Cultural Booths:
Cultural booths are now forming. Booths are only made possible if volunteers like you join in the fun! Please consider volunteering at a booth, or grab a group of friends and start a booth to share your culture at the festival. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about different heritages and customs. Bring music, flags, maps, games, sports, souvenirs - anything that can proudly showcase your culture!

If you are not sure that you can attend the event but you would like to have your culture represented, please contact us. We have experienced volunteers who are happy to help at this wonderful event. We will be soon having a meeting for all those who will be having a booth. We will send a message later with the exact date and time. Although if you already know that you can host a booth or be a volunteer at one booth, please contact Andrea Lise:
Thank you !




We are looking for volunteers to donate food for our Multicultural Night event! If you are able to help, please review this link and sign up:



Help Make Our Yearbook Great!

Do you have photos of your child taken at school that you can share with the Yearbook? The best photos are of a group of 3-4 Andrews students looking at the camera (with high resolution). We have deadlines (TBD) to meet, so be sure to upload them at the earliest possible convenience. Some of the events are like 'First day of school', 'Dot Day', 'Walk to School', etc.


Here’s how to upload the photos:

Go to this website:


Password: eagles

[Choose the job listed for 2018-19]

Go to Image Upload and find the “correct” folder to upload in. For example, if you are uploading first grade photos, then select the right folder (for the right event).

Upload your photo

Save it

It’s that easy!


Deadline to upload pics for the following events is Jan 31, 2019:

  • Veteran's Day Assembly (Nov 12)
  • 2nd 9 week Assembly (Dec 21st)
  • Wednesday Walkers
  • Thanksgiving Feast for Kindergarten
  • Pioneer Day for Grade 1
  • Colonial Day for Grade 5
  • Field Trips for Grade 4 (& if any other grade completed)
  • 5th Grade Choir Performances
  • Year-end Party (Dec 20th)
  • Misc.

Thank you to Vani Kota for all of your hard work organizing our yearbook!




Did you know that the PTA has a clothing donation box outside of the school? It is located near the gym doors. If you find yourself cleaning out your closets over the Winter Break, please consider bringing your items to donate to our bin. The PTA does receive a percentage of the proceeds. (If the bin is full, please return another time so that items do not collect outside of the bin).

Thank you!








We collect Box Tops!


If you see this symbol on items you purchase, please clip them and send them with your child to school (please check the DATE on the Boxtop to make sure it is not expired). It may be easiest to save them for a week or so before sending them in. Be sure to place them in a plastic ziploc bag to prevent them from getting lost. Thank you!


Box Tops Information


List of items with Box Tops

Thank you to Sonia Ahuja for volunteering to help us with this program!

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