2020-2021 Executive PTA Board Members

We would like to thank the following individuals for their commitment to serve Andrews PTA in 2020-21. 

  • President - Molly Gilliland
  • 1st VP Membership - Sangeetha Verkot
  • 2nd VP Programs - Rachana Gairola
  • 3rd VP Volunteers - Gabi Ortega
  • 4th VP Ways & Means - Nicole Ritter
  • Secretary - Alice Tan
  • Treasurer - Jennifer Nicholson

Additionally, much appreciation to our our Standing Committee Chairs for agreeing to hold the following 2020-21 board positions:

  • Hospitality Chair - Maria Goode
  • Communications Chair - Pedro Ortega


2019-20 Executive PTA Board Members



President : Molly Gilliland 


1st VP, Membership: Jamie Hejl 


2nd VP, Programs: Rachana Gairola 


3rd VP, Volunteers: Lila Dennis 


4th VP, Ways & Means: Andrea Lise Suriano


Secretary: Kim Sunlin


Treasurer: Alice Yang 


Hospitality Chairperson: Maria Goode 


Communications Chairperson: Jennifer Nicholson 

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Andrews PTA Awards

MARS (Men Are Really Super) Membership Award for having at least 50 men as members in 2021

2019-20 Golden Apple