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Students Thinking Of People - S.T.O.P.






What is S.T.O.P. ?

The STOP program provide students with leadership skills and opportunities to use these skills in a positive manner at school, at home and in the community.


Who is eligible for STOP at Andrews Elementary?

Any 5th grade student is eligible to be in the STOP program.


What is the main goal of STOP?

The main goal of STOP is to reinforce decision-making skills in the area of self-image, peer pressure, communication and friendship. We encourage the students to be leaders in the school and positive role models to the lower grades.


What are the objectives of STOP?

To promote positive peer pressure To promote a positive school climate To help students feel comfortable with their peers To foster friendship and caring of others To engage students in volunteering within the community.


What are the meeting commitments for the STOP students?

STOP students will meet from 2:45pm - 3:45pm in the Cafeteria. Students are allowed to bring snacks.


The STOP group will meet once a month from

December to April. • December 10th • January 21st • February 11th • March 17th • April 14th


What are some activities planned for the 2019-2020 school year?

Coordinating and facilitating community projects Participate in team building and leadership building activities.


What does a student need to do to join?

The purpose of the application process is to create accountability and a sense of responsibility to the program.






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MARS (Men Are Really Super) Membership Award for having at least 50 men as members in 2021

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