Do you have photos of your child taken at school that you can share with the Yearbook? The best photos are of a group of 3-4 Andrews students looking at the camera (with high resolution) and school events only. We have deadlines to meet, so be sure to upload them at the earliest possible. 

Here’s how to upload the photos:

  1. Go to this website:
  2. User:
  3. Password: eagles 
  4. Go to Image Upload and find the “correct” folder to upload in. For example, if you are uploading first grade photos, then select the right folder (for the right event).
  5. Upload your photo
  6. Save it

It’s that easy!


Deadline to upload pics for the following events - Mar 1, 2019

  • Friendship Parties
  • Winter Parties
  • Fall Festival (Oct 25th)
  • Spirit nights and other PTA sponsored events
  • 4th Grade Choir
  • Multicultural Night
  • Field Trips (for grades that completed)
  • Misc.

Thank you to Vani Kota for all of your hard work organizing our yearbook!

Upcoming Events